Recently, social networking giant Twitter posted it's Twitter 101 for Business Guide, which is designed to enlighten both consumers and businesses to ways they can use Twitter's micro-blogging service. The guide offers advice on how businesses can use Twitter to market products and boost sales, and will also help consumers who are curious about the site but don't know how to use it or where to even begin.

Twitter 101 comprises six sections: a description of the service, how to begin using it, learning the Twitter lingo, best practices, case studies and resources. Perhaps the most telling aspect of the guide is the case studies section. The case studies highlight large companies such as Dell claiming to have earned nearly $3 million from Twitter followers. Other large companies, such as PepsiCo, have used Twitter as a means to gather customer feedback, most recently about their new Pepsi Throwback product.

Given the increasingly global direction in which Twitter has been heading (see: recent Iranian election), it would make sense that many companies, as well as Twitter itself, are approaching this growth with a mind towards its international business implications. Twitter is a quick way to connect to users over the web, and it wouldn't be surprising to see companies such as Pepsi, which currently have pages on Twitter, to branch out and create pages tailored to foreign audiences. 

No one can say for sure what the future holds for Twitter and the business world, but the Twitter 101 Guide is certainly a step in the right direction for the social networking giant. In time, the ability of Twitter to connect businesses and consumers in an informal atmosphere could make it a go-to resource for small and large businesses alike on a global scale.

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