One of the main sections of globalEDGE is the Tools and Data section. The tools provided include a diagnostic tool, a comparator tool, and interactive rankings. The diagnostic tools are used to evaluate important international business decisions such as international partners and distributors. The comparator tool is used to compare countries across a variety of economic indicators including GDP, inflation, and exports. The final tool is the interactive rankings, a tool designed to rank countries or states based on key economic indicators.

Aside from the tools, this section provides different sets of data collection. First is the MPI, which is an internally generated index, designed to help business professionals and academics evaluate emerging markets across the globe. Another section with a tremendous amount of data for users is DIBS. Here users can choose from thousands of variables to generate reports which help to synthesize and evaluate data from different reliable sources. The last collection of data for users to utilize is in the form of fun interactive games, in the test your knowledge section. These games help users determine their international business knowledge, learning about international business and various cultures along the way.

Under the Tools and Data section of globalEDGE sit some very useful and reliable tools and data for users to exploit to their advantage. There is much to be learned by even an international business connoisseur in the Tools and Data section so make sure to check out all that globalEDGE has to offer.

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