Each country has different ways of doing business. Sometimes it may be confusing for foreigners visiting the country for the first time. What follows is tips on doing business successfully in some of the most advanced countries in Europe:

The Netherlands:

The country is known for engineering precision. Therefore, it is not surprising to learn that businesses there are oriented towards precision. It is important to not complain about product prices there as Germans are proud to say that they provide excellent quality and quality comes at a price. When negotiating things with German companies, you should present your point in a well planned, well structured, and meticulously laid out way.

Italians are proud to say they live in one of the oldest countries in Europe. Therefore, when doing business there it will be helpful to understand the country culture. Italians prove to be good partners, however you need to be very resilient and show understanding of the industry you want to do business in.

The fact that you are not used to driving in the opposite lane is not an excuse to be late for a meeting. The cab system in England is gread since cab drivers go through a two year training program. If you are not comfortable driving there, take a cab. Also, be aware of the current currency exchange rates as England still uses the pound.

France can be the perfect place to start when entering the continental European market. When doing business with the French remember that they are more laid back when it comes to how many hours to work per week.

The countries section of the globalEDGE website provides even more information on doing business abroad.


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