The fashion industry makes up a major portion of the retail around the world. Fashion retailers are found in every country, each one trying to have the latest trends at the best price. However, this is much more difficult than it may sound. There are people working ‘round the clock to ensure that fashion retailers know what is going to sell next.

Since what is ‘hot’ today is often not tomorrow, profits for the retail sector of the fashion industry rely heavily on the ability to stay on top of the ever changing trends. More and more customers are becoming fashion and trend conscious, which means fashion retailers are forced to step up their game. Consumers want the latest trends at affordable prices; this is not an easy task for retailers. That is why they have what are called ‘fashion forecasters’.

Fashion forecasting has been around for the past several decades. It is the art of trying to stay on top of global fashion trends. These forecasters work either for research companies, or directly for fashion retailers or designers. While flying all over the world, observing cultures, taking pictures, and scoping out local street fashion might seem like a vacation to some, to fashion forecasters it’s a job. Their goal is to find out what will be on the racks tomorrow, today. They look at the new trends just beginning, at what bands are influencing fashion, go to local fabric factories, and walk the streets to observe the people. All of these things can give clues to what the next major trend may be.

We know that trends are always changing, but where do they start? Well the answer simple; they come from all over the globe! Clothing designers draw from inspiration from all over the world. Anything from a landmark, to a unique pattern, to a piece that a local is wearing can spark a global trend. It’s often hard to pinpoint where exactly specific trends start but one thing is for sure, wherever it begins, it will affect trends everywhere. Retailers better be sure they know what these trends are so they're not left behind.

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