It's something that's been the lore of science fiction novels and movies-- a wild, futuristic dream... the flying car. It's been deemed so difficult to pull off, that not many have tried to make one. If a flying car were made at a relatively affordable price, the demand for it would be huge. A flying car being the stuff of dreams is no more: the Terrafugia Transition is here!

The Terrafugia Transition has been around since March 2009, but has recently garnered attention, as it has gotten safety approval by the FAA as being able to function as both an automobile and a "light aircraft." This approval has led to it being put into production, and as such, you may see one sharing a roadway with you soon! It weighs about 1,320 pounds. It burns about 5 gph (gallons per hour), with a fuel tank of about 20 gallons. That's nearly 4 hours of flight time at a cruising speed of around 115 mph, which is over 400 miles per flight. Oh, and it can also simply drive if need be.

The point of it all is, is that the first flying car has been approved by a federal administration, and offers an alternative to commercial flight. Such a creation will certainly get attention from automakers and aviation manufacturers alike. The Terrafugia Transition has already gotten over 70 deposits, with likely many more to come. You won't likely see flying cars making their way across the Pacific or Atlantic anytime soon, but in places like Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, the Transition and others that will follow it can provide a convenient, more sustainable, and perhaps ultimately less expensive way to travel, especially for someone travelling internationally.

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