China is growing. India is growing. In fact, the whole of Asia is expanding rapidly - in population, economy, and technology. The latest area Asia is looking to improve upon is education. Countries like China and India are in the process of trying to establish themselves as leaders in the world of business education. They’re doing this by offering Western-trained business professors opportunities they wouldn’t be able to get normally.

When picking a school, the quality of teachers there is important, most especially in the area of graduate education. Getting highly-acclaimed business professors is essential for Asian business schools. This is not only to draw in the best and brightest of graduate students, but to establish a tradition and draw on the experience of these professors. Then this knowledge can be passed down among other faculty at the school.

Since foreign-born, bilingual business professors are in high demand, the perks have to be nice to get them to come over. Competitive pay, lighter course loads, and more time to conduct research are just a few that have been offered. Plus, places like India and China provide a close proximity to emerging markets (heck, they’re both emerging markets themselves!), that leave many business professors drooling at the research opportunities.

Why research? Conducting cutting-edge research within a given field can generate credibility and recognition, both for the professor doing it and the university they represent. It’s a win-win, but currently Asian schools simply have much more that they’re able to offer to get professors to come over. In turn they’ve been able to start balancing the scales in the world of business education.

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